About us


Prof. Dr. Javam C. Machado

The Laboratory of Systems and Databases (LSBD) was founded in 2007 as a Research and Development (R&D) Laboratory associated to the Computer Science Department of the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). Currently, the laboratory has five permanent researchers and at least 40 other professionals, including undergraduate and graduate students in Computing, all directly involved in research and development projects, carried out in partnership with public research institutions and private organizations. We focus on producing science with a great result in the training of human resources of high academic capacity as well as quality in scientific production, but we also try to apply this scientific competence in solving relevant problems of our industrial partners. We combine management with focus on the result with the technical capacity to produce solutions in Computing. Our work has produced, over the last ten years, doctoral dissertations, master’s theses, scientific articles and industrial prototypes in a creative and pleasant working environment.


Technology and innovation

When performing together with our partners, we have had the opportunity to contribute with innovative solutions from both an engineering and a scientific point of view. Currently, we are more focused on producing outputs that contribute to technological and scientific development, as well as the production of scientific articles and cases of new patents depository.

LSBD has achieved a degree of maturity in science and engineering and is aware of its role in continuing to contribute to technological development, bridging the gap between academia and technology-based companies. Our researchers have been able to present scientific articles at international congresses in the areas of computational clouds, spatial data processing and databases in general.

The group has two doctoral dissertations and six theses which have been defended. Some of our graduates have become UFC professors, others have continued as trainee researchers at LSBD or other universities in Brazil and abroad. Current research subjects are cloud computing, privacy, and data mining.


Mission, Vision & Values

All of our actions involve values, in both behavior, explicit or not, and in verbal expressions. We understand that a team needs to be guided by principles that can support different relationships.

Our Vision: To be nationally recognized for the excellence in solutions and research in information technology and communication.

Our Mission: To bring academia closer to the market by developing innovative solutions in Information Technology and Communication.

Our values: